Analyzer for total organic carbon concentrations (TOC)

Analyzer for total organic carbon concentrations (TOC)


  • Sample analysis time for two minutes.
  • Measures discrete samples or can be connected to Sievers autosampler for analysis of large sample volumes.
  • Automated operations such as calibration, validation, and data analysis.
  • The autoreagent function automatically sets the optimal flow rate for each sample.
  • Well suited for a variety of sample matrices and concentrations.
  • Minimal preventive maintenance (usually only a few hours per year).
  • Calibration stability for 12 months.
  • Optional Phase 1 conductivity measurement capability for simultaneous TOC and conductivity testing.
  • Additional turbo mode for four-second analysis.


Analyzer for total organic carbon concentration measurements required for the reconstruction of past forest fires based on the analysis of ice cores. Total organic carbon (TOC) enables calculation of the degree of atmospheric load with organic carbon aerosols, trace the date and intensity of forest fires for subsequent comparison with black carbon in lake sediments, as well as the relative content of organic matter in the atmospheric foreign matter, which is necessary to separate the anthropogenic and natural components of climate change.

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