Water isotope analyzer

Water isotope analyzer Picarro L2130-i


The Picarro L2130-isotope analyzer provides high quality measurements of water stable isotopes for demanding applications such as paleoclimatology, hydrology, and oceanography. δ18O and δD high-precision measurements can be made with water samples from liquids, vapor, and solids, using a variety of Picarro peripherals.

  • High-precision measurements of δ18O and δD
  • Minimal drift: calibrate once per day while measuring with sub per mil certainty
  • Flexibility to measure water samples from liquids, vapor, and solids
  • Small footprint, robust design, and intuitive user-interface



Measurements of stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen in this core are used to reconstruct the accumulation and quantity atmospheric precipitation, as well as other climatic parameters, such as atmospheric winter circulation and summer air temperature variability.


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