Continuous Flow Analysis

Continuous Flow Analysis (CFA)


• Specific method on each analysis manifold typical 3-4 module/methods.
• Expandable up to 12 simultaneous analytical methods.
• Usually applied for higher sample throughput and a limited number of methods to be automatized.


A continuous flow analysis (CFA) system is required for gas measurements of ice core samples at ultrahigh resolution (1-3 cm) and continuous sampling for water isotopic analysis and ion chromatographic measurements, also at ultra-high resolution (0.5-3 cm). This high resolution is not possible (or very tedious) with traditional cutting of ice-core samples. The continuous sampling system will be Russia’s first advanced ice core sample preparation system for ultra-high resolution reconstructions of the climate of the past. The CFA continuous sampling system consists of consumables: 1/16 – 1/4-inch Teflon and gas tight tubing, stainless steel tubing of the same diameter, hydrophobic membrane, gas standard cylinders, pressure reducers and flow meters, automatic and manual valves, high-precision gas pressure sensors of the range 30-800 torr. The estimate for the project indicates the total cost, taking into account the periodic replacement of tubes and valves.